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Chulilla’s Hostel and Other Beta

The rural, Spanish village of Chulilla overlooks a long, narrow gorge of limestone cliffs. With both sunny and shady climbing walls, this place is an excellent Fall, Winter, and Spring destination!

Budget Accommodation

El Altico
The comfortable, clean hostel El Altico is run by local climbers Pedro Pons and Nuria Marti  The hostel sits at the top of the gorge, overlooking both the climbing cliffs and the village of Chulilla. The shared dorm rooms cost 15 euros a night per person, and the hostel offers one double room for a higher price. El Altico discounts the price per night for people who stay at least two weeks. The dorm rooms come with cubbies for your luggage, and the showers have hot water. You can also tent and van camp on El Alitco’s property for a slightly reduced price and still access the showers and kitchen. Van campers must stay at least three days. The communal kitchen has a refrigerator, two stoves, plates, silverware, coffee mugs, and cooking utensils. Nuria puts out oranges for the guests every few days and cleans up the kitchen daily. You can do laundry for 3 euros a load. One of the coolest aspects of El Altico is the training barn that features a bouldering wall, campus board, hangboard, and weights! Email El Altico to reserve your rooms in advance and to request the gate code – feel free to email in either Spanish or English. Cash only!

Van Camping
Free van camping abounds in and around Chulilla, but you may struggle to find toilets, shower, or laundry facilities. The most popular van camping spot is the parking lot across from the climber bar Goscamos, which may solve some toilet needs. Vans also park in the flat dirt area just up the road from El Altico, along the road from Chulilla to the Oasis sector, and in the parking lot above the dam near the Oasis sector.

Other Accommodation
Use or to find apartments for rent in Chulilla. Chulilla is full of rental options, but none come near the price point of El Altico.

Other Beta
Most businesses take siesta seriously! Shop in the morning and in the evening, but you’re out of luck in the afternoon.

The nearby town Villar de Arzobispo has an ATM. Most shops in Chulilla accept credit cards if your bill is above a certain amount.

Bring an 80 meter rope! You can climb most routes with a 70 meter rope, but some of the most fun routes require an 80 meter rope. Chulilla has a climbing shop located off the main square. The shop is open 10am-Noon and again in the evening. The shop sells ropes, shoes, and beta sticks. Valencia also has a Decathlon and two gear shops, which may have larger gear selections.

The town square has a few small stores with basic groceries as well as one bakery. The bakery is located down a flight of stairs just off the town square, and it sells Chulilla’s specialty of savory peanut cookies! The nearby town Villar del Arzobispo has a larger grocery store called Consum, which is a good place to buy peanut butter (look for it in the chocolate section!). Some people stop by Carrefour on day trips to Valencia.

Two guidebooks for Chulilla were published at about the same time. You can find them in the Tobac shop on the main square. The hostel El Altico sells the version written by Pedro Pons, which was updated in January 2018. The website also features several topos.

The climber bar Goscanos has tapas, salads, beef burgers, veggie burgers, pizza, wine, and beer! Goscamos also serves daily specials such as paella. A few other restaurants are located on the town square.

The Castle
The walls of an old castle overlooks the town of Chulilla. You can climb below the castle!

The hostel El Altico and the restaurant Goscanos both have wifi.

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